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Mom life and work life

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Happy… (Checks calendar) Thursday!! Is it just me or is this year going super fast? Took the kids to the park because I needed to answer emails & entertain them.That only worked for 5 minutes! This is how it went:

“Mom look at me” “Mom can I get water?” “Mom I fell down” “Mom D pushed me”.
I promised them ice cream if they could just play & not bother me UNLESS they had broken bones! That just started a whole new conversation.
‘What about a bloody nose?” ” Why would I have a broken bones?” “What about if I fall and have scratches and it’s bleeding and it hurts but I don’t know if it’s broken?”

Me the whole time “Patience. Breathe. These are precious kids”

So, how’s your day going? .

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Great ideas

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Do you ever have great ideas at inconvenient times? I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago but I’m so overwhelmed by the response I received by fellow female entrepreneurs that I’m too excited to lay in bed.

I knew my new podcast series would be a great idea and now that its official and we are ready to launch in a few weeks, I just can’t sleep! I also think my creativity is the most bright when the house is quiet and I have a moment to gather my thoughts.

My days can be a whirlwind with business calls, handling the kids, employee issues and then coming home and cooking and cleaning. Okay, who am I lying to? I outsource the cleaning, but I do a light sweep and dust!


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Successful woman


I just stared reading Lori Harders book “A Tribe called Bliss” and it’s a must read for females! I will give you guys the full review once I finish it but I can already tell it’s a good one by what I have already read.

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Marriage is all about choices..

Let me explain, my husband and I have been spending less time together because of his work schedule and since kids are out of school, I’m the primary caretaker. So life can sometimes be a struggle for us, for example, I would like to spend more time outside of “work mode” but I try my best not to nag him about it because the business is a priority for both us.

So when we do spend time together I try to make it of quality vs quantity. That’s sometimes hard to do because, as any other couple, we  have disagreements.

That’s where choices come in, I can try and argue my point  or I can let it go and enjoy the moment. This used to be hard for me, I HAD to win an argument. Now, I just let it go. I’am human and sometimes will snap at him but I will quickly realize my tone of voice and apologize and let it go.

Yes, ladies, I will apologize even if I’m not in the wrong!!! WHY WOULD I DO THAT, RIGHT? Well, at the end of the day I want him to enjoy his downtime. He has to deal with so much at work, I don’t want him distracted with our fights. Don’t get confused,  I do pick my battles! Marriage, like life is all about choices.

As I write this, I’m drinking a glass of Stella Rose while he watches Casino for the 100th time. I would like to go to furniture shopping but I know he hates it and I know I’ll be annoyed at his attitude, so I rather go by myself and enjoy this moment with him. He does it for me too, he’s not much of a reader so when we go to Barnes and Nobles and stay there for a few hours, I know his smile is forced but I appreciate him just being there.

Choices ladies…CHOICES!




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Social media is our life filter

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I have come to the conclusion that social media IS our life filter.

I always talk about how I wish I had a filter on every day so I don’t have to do my makeup. But I guess that’s what social media is. Showing people the good and keeping the ugly to ourselves. Sometimes we forget that behind a social media post there IS a real person!
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So don’t worry if your grass isn’t green right now. Keep working your land!!

Just thought I’d share that!

Happy Friday. Enjoy your day and hug your loved ones!

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I forgot to feed my human

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Today was a long day in the office.. more mental than anything. But everything is under control which is good.

On the other hand.. I forgot to feed my daughter!! I can’t believe it!

🙊 Let me explain! I had finished cooking lunch when I picked her up from school but she decided to have a small snack and wait for her brother to get home, so they could eat together.

🤦My son got home and served himself because I was on a business call.. then an email came in, then another call… You all know the drill.
🤷 4 hours later I ask my daughter if she ate and she says “yes, no wait.. I haven’t!” .

Moral of the story: It’s okay to laugh at the end of a crazy day. You got this mompreneur!