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Mom life and work life

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Happy… (Checks calendar) Thursday!! Is it just me or is this year going super fast? Took the kids to the park because I needed to answer emails & entertain them.That only worked for 5 minutes! This is how it went:

“Mom look at me” “Mom can I get water?” “Mom I fell down” “Mom D pushed me”.
I promised them ice cream if they could just play & not bother me UNLESS they had broken bones! That just started a whole new conversation.
‘What about a bloody nose?” ” Why would I have a broken bones?” “What about if I fall and have scratches and it’s bleeding and it hurts but I don’t know if it’s broken?”

Me the whole time “Patience. Breathe. These are precious kids”

So, how’s your day going? .

By - Yolie

Great ideas

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Do you ever have great ideas at inconvenient times? I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago but I’m so overwhelmed by the response I received by fellow female entrepreneurs that I’m too excited to lay in bed.

I knew my new podcast series would be a great idea and now that its official and we are ready to launch in a few weeks, I just can’t sleep! I also think my creativity is the most bright when the house is quiet and I have a moment to gather my thoughts.

My days can be a whirlwind with business calls, handling the kids, employee issues and then coming home and cooking and cleaning. Okay, who am I lying to? I outsource the cleaning, but I do a light sweep and dust!


By - Yolie

Successful woman


I just stared reading Lori Harders book “A Tribe called Bliss” and it’s a must read for females! I will give you guys the full review once I finish it but I can already tell it’s a good one by what I have already read.

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I forgot to feed my human

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Today was a long day in the office.. more mental than anything. But everything is under control which is good.

On the other hand.. I forgot to feed my daughter!! I can’t believe it!

🙊 Let me explain! I had finished cooking lunch when I picked her up from school but she decided to have a small snack and wait for her brother to get home, so they could eat together.

🤦My son got home and served himself because I was on a business call.. then an email came in, then another call… You all know the drill.
🤷 4 hours later I ask my daughter if she ate and she says “yes, no wait.. I haven’t!” .

Moral of the story: It’s okay to laugh at the end of a crazy day. You got this mompreneur!

By - Yolie

YESS!!!! You go Yolie!

the unfiltered wife-2Yes, that’s me patting myself on the back. I started the behind the scenes work to start the new series of my podcast.  Drum roll please!!! Say hello to my new baby


A new look on how we view female entrepreneurs. This is the real deal. The Unfiltered Wife podcast!

This new series was my first target goal BUT I needed to change the direction of my career and put myself out there first. I needed to put myself in an uncomfortable situation so I could get comfortable.

In a few days I will be letting you guys in on who I will be having as guests. I’m super excited and seriously can’t wait for you guys to listen to it!

By - Yolie

I confess..

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I sometimes struggle with keeping it all together! It’s always easier to throw my hands up in the air and saying I give up! My dreams aren’t this important to keep hustling everyday.  But when times get tough or I feel tired, I see two little faces looking at me, and that look is what I need to motivate me. To show them that if you work hard, anything you want is possible. So, mamas.. KEEP PUSHING!! WE GOT THIS!