Busy bee guilt

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I’ve been feeling guilty because I haven’t been blogging or doing my “Mom, wife & Boss Life” podcast. But, I shouldn’t because I’ve been busy doing my new podcast called” The Unfiltered wife” and just trying to keep my two humans busy.

I’m super excited for you guys to listen to all these incredible stories of adversity and how they overcame their obstacles! These ladies are truly the definition of strong. I will be releasing it August 1st, so go sign up at www.theunfilteredwife.com  for updates!



What do you do on weekends?

Mom, wife & Boss Life Podcast

In the new podcast episode of “Mom,Wife & Boss Life” I talk about what people prioritize in the weekends. I was asked if my I get mad because my husband sometimes has to work on Holidays or weekends and that’s what inspired this topic.

I discuss that my family doesn’t start living life on the weekends and work doesn’t stop at 5pm on Friday’s. I believe the hustle never stops especially if you are running your own business.

Click on the link below let me know what you think of the episode!




Finding joy

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Since it’s summer break I have been spending A LOT of time with my kids, and one thing I have noticed about them is the joy they get for the small things.   When did we lose that as adults? My daughter wakes up to sunny skies and she’s ecstatic for the fun day she is going to have, my son gets super happy if our pet bird Sunny makes a noise that resembles a “hello”.  Why is that? Why is it that as adults we want big wins or absolutely nothing to go wrong for us to say we had a good day?

When my family and I go out for ice cream, I’m that mom that goes and gets a ton of napkins and starts hassling her kids about getting dirty BEFORE they get their cones.

Last week my husband and I took them for some ice cream and I decided to just enjoy the moment. To live in the present and not worry about the dirty clothes I would have to wash later. To find joy in the fact that all four of us were in a little ice cream shop in the bay area. Happy, healthy, and full of love. Messy faces and all.

That day I decided to redefine my joy.

Create your own beauty

Create your own beauty

Isn’t that what life is all about? This picture was taken after a photo shoot and it couldn’t have said it better myself. I never was self conscious of my weight or looks but I also knew I didn’t look like the Vogue models. So yesterdays photo shoot was not only for marketing purposes but also a celebration of myself. It was saying  “yup, this is me and loving life!”.

When I found out I was having a little girl 6 years ago, I cried my eyes out! No, seriously I did and apparently it was alarming because the nurse asked if I was depressed or if I wanted to harm the baby. I explained to them that no, I wasn’t sad that I was having a girl, the opposite, I was happy I would have my pair (my oldest is a boy).

I was crying because I was already worried about her and what society would try to mold her to. I knew I had to set the example at home, choose my words carefully and watch my every move because she would be watching.  I guess these last 6 years haven’t only been teaching lessons for her but also for me.

I see her and I see beauty differently. It’s not about looks or the clothes you wear. It’s about the joy and love you have within yourself. It’s about being perfectly imperfect.. creating your own beauty!

People that change your life


Do you ever sit back and think of the people that have changed your life? Lately, I have been in that state of mind. Where you are looking at things around you and you realize these are the things you prayed for.

I look at the material things and then I tell myself how was I able to get them, how was I able to come to this point in my life. Then I go back and think of the people that might have said something to me, directly or indirectly and it’s just wow. It’s crazy to think  how someone can say something and it just CLICKS. That’s what I want for me.

I want someone to read my blog or hear my podcast and it changes them in a good way. Maybe they get an “aha” moment for their marriage, business or even themselves.

So yes, that’s the spiritual journey I’m in right now. Taking it all in and just living in the now and feeling blessed.

Every night I pray and every morning I give thanks.

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